Carlson Library

The Carlson Science and Engineering library serves all members of the Laboratory for Laser Energetics. The experienced and dedicated staff strives to minimize the time and effort that researchers spend on gathering information whether that information is in River Campus Libraries, elsewhere at the University of Rochester, or around the world.

Carlson Science and Engineering Library, with over 35,000 square feet of space is the primary library for LLE at the University of Rochester; recently the university opened a 1000 square feet visualization lab (VISTA) for visualizing big data on the first floor of this facility. Physics-Optics-Astronomy (POA) Library also provides important resources to you. The River Campus Libraries have access to more than 16000 online journals and their archives and more than 100 databases of scientific and technical literature such as Web of Science, Compendex Web, IEEE Xplore and ACM, SPIE, and Synthesis digital libraries. The libraries provide access to over over 600,000 ebook collections some of them from major science and technology publishers, Wiley, Elsevier, Springer and technology collections such as Safari Books. Students, faculty and staff can connect to these resources from anywhere in the world by their computers and mobile devices.

The Library also provides a scanner, photocopiers, and public computers.


The Carlson Science and Engineering Library is located on 160 Trustee Road in the Computer Studies building of the River Campus.

Staff & Services

The Carlson Library Staff is experienced and dedicated to helping you accurately and efficiently meet your information needs.

Sarah Siddiqui


Sarah Siddiqui
  (585) 275-8829

Liaison to the Library

Reuben Epstein

Director of Science & Engineering Libraries

Zari Kamarei
  (585) 275-1763

The rest of the staff in Carlson Library are also available to assist you.

We Provide:

  • PDF for articles from any library in the world
  • Delivery of books, etc., from other University of Rochester Libraries as well as from a worldwide network of libraries
  • Literature searches in science, technology and business
  • Ordering of theses and dissertations
  • Pre-publication assistance including citation verification, copyright information, and permission information

Borrowing Policies

Other University of Rochester Libraries

  • Library Staff arranges for delivery of books and other resources from UR Libraries Monday through Friday
  • Each library has its own borrowing policies, including policies for loan periods and fines.

Non University of Rochester Libraries

  • Library staff arranges for delivery of books and pdfs and other materials from all over the world through the InterLibrary Loan Department (ILL)
  • ILL tries to meet the date by which you need an item
  • Loan periods vary for borrowed items. Many borrowed items can be renewed once; others may not be renewable

Copying & Copyright

  • River Campus Libraries manage all aspects of compliance with copyright rules and regulations for items copied by the Libraries
  • Copyright Clearance and Fair Use at the University of Rochester