Working at Home

Here are some resources for working at home

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Setting up a VPN

Set up your VPN

Tasks that Require a VPN

When you are logged into LLE VPN, absolutely all of your internet traffic is going through the LLE VPN network! Please DISCONNECT from LLE VPN, when VPN is not needed.

Tasks that Do Not Require a VPN


Set up SecurID

  • Provides a single-use passcode every 60 seconds
  • Uses 2-factor authentication provided either by a hardware key fob or phone app


Set up DUO

The University uses the DUO app to provide single use passcodes for their services including HRMS. There are 3 different account services that use this, but you are only concerned with the first 2:

  1. DUO for NetID (HRMS)
  2. DUO for University Active Directory