Microsoft Office Tips

Save All

Hold down the Shift key while you open the file menu and then choose the new option Save All. All of your open documents will be saved.

Select Columns

Hold down the Alt key while you drag your mouse in your document. You can select a specific column of data. You don't have to be working with tables.

Line Spacing

Highlight a section of text. Type Ctrl + 1 to single-space your selection or Ctrl + 2 for double spacing.

Add a space without a line break

Type Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar simultaneously to add a space between two words that will not create a line break.


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  • Registered ®: Alt + Ctrl + r
  • Trademark ™: Alt + Ctrl + t

Change Default Document Folder

  1. Click on Tools
  2. Select Options
  3. Choose the File Locations tab
  4. Modify the location of Documents to the path you prefer

Track Changes

  1. Click on the Tools menu
  2. Select Track Changes
  3. Select Highlight Changes
  4. In the pop-up box select: Track Changes While Editing

All edits will be red and underlined. When the next person receives the document they can right click on the highlighted text and choose to "accept" or "reject" the changes