Computer Support Documentation


Windows 10 PCs are not backed up. Your desktop and documents folders are stored on a network server that is backed up. Contact CSG to recover files.

Windows 7 PCs are backed up automatically to an onsite tape system. New and changed files (incrementals) are backed up daily while a complete backup of your system is made every week. The following (local) drive letters are never backed up: P, Q, R, S, T. Do not store any critical data on these drives!

In order to verify when your last backup was performed, you will need to open the NetBackup application.

Go to the start button on your taskbar, select Programs, NetBackup and release your mouse button on the NetBackup application. The menu should look similar to the following:

NetBackup menu with submenu visible

Once the application is open, the top of the window will look like this:

Net backup window

Click on the Browse Restore button.

Browse Restore Button

You will now see a window which lists the dates of the most recent successful backups. It should look similar to the one below:

In this example, the last successful backup was performed on September 24th, 1999. Green balls denote full backups while blue balls (not shown) indicate incremental backups. If you do not see any backups or your last incremental backup is older than 2 days and you know you have files that have changed since the last incremental, contact the Computer Support Group for assistance.