61st Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics

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21 - 25 October 2019 — Fort Lauderdale, FL

Author Title File Size
K. S. Anderson Cross-Beam Energy Transfer in Offset Implosions on OMEGA 2.0 MB
Z. Barfield The Study of Thermal Transport in Magnetized Laser-Produced Plasmas 6.9 MB
D. Barnak Impact of self-generated B-fields on HED experiments 23.3 MB
G. Bruhaug An Investigation of Monoenergetic Electron Beams for High-Energy-Density and Inertial Confinement Fusion Diagnostics 1.6 MB
D. Cao Implosion Designs Varying Hot-Electron Production for Direct-Drive Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosions on OMEGA 2.7 MB
A. R. Christopherson Direct Measurements of Hot-Electron Preheat in the Dense Fuel of Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosions 3.9 MB
T. J. B. Collins Mixing at the fuel-ablator interface in backlit OMEGA cryogenic implosions 92.9 MB
R. S. Craxton Simulations of Double Cone-in-Shell Implosions for an X-Ray Backlighting Source at the National Ignition Facility 5.9 MB
J. R. Davies Current Transients in Laser-Driven Coils 1.4 MB
D. H. Edgell Absorption and Scattered-Light Asymmetry in OMEGA Implosions 1.2 MB
R. Epstein Self-Radiography of Imploded Shells on OMEGA Based on Additive-Free Multi-Monochromatic Continuum Spectral Analysis 8.2 MB
R. K. Follett Broadband mitigation of laser-plasma instabilities 1.2 MB
P. Franke Frequency Conversion of Laser Pulses Reflected from Ionization Waves of Arbitrary Velocity 8.3 MB
D. H. Froula Fourth-Generation Laser for Ultra-Broadband Experiments--Expanding the ICF Design Space Through Mitigation of Laser Plasma Instabilities 5.8 MB
F. Garcia Rubio The Effect of Self-Generated Magnetic Fields on the Ablative Rayleigh-Taylor Instability Dynamics 1.2 MB
V. Yu. Glebov New Fast Neutron Time-of-Flight Detectors with Subnanosecond Instrument Response Function for DT Implosions on OMEGA 7.1 MB
V. N. Goncharov A Survey of Different Perturbation Amplification Mechanisms in the Early Stages of Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosions 8.2 MB
V. Gopalaswamy Improved Predictive Models and Further Progress in the Cryogenic Optimization Campaign on OMEGA 4.1 MB
D. Haberberger Density Measurements of the Inner Shell Release 11.2 MB
A. Hansen Cross-Beam Energy Transfer Experiments at High Ion-Acoustic Wave Amplitudes 6.5 MB
J. Hinz First principles investigation of the insulator-metal transition in liquid hydrogen with a recently developed deorbitalized meta-GGA exchange-correlation functional 10.5 MB
S. X. Hu Understanding Laser-Imprint Effects on Cryogenic DT Implosions on OMEGA 11.1 MB
I. V. Igumenshchev Three-dimensional hydrodynamic modeling of OMEGA direct-drive cryogenic implosions with the highest fusion yield 1.0 MB
S. T. Ivancic Three-dimensional Gated Hot-Spot X-ray Imaging on OMEGA 1.8 MB
V. V. Karasiev Systematic Ab-initio Calculations of Optical Properties of Silicon for Inertial Confinement Fusion Applications 5.2 MB
A. Kish Toward Advanced Modeling of Transport in Magnetized Inertial Confinement Fusion Targets 4.0 MB
J. P. Knauer The Effect of Laser Bandwidth on High-Performance Cryogenic Implosions 5.8 MB
L. S. Leal Three-Dimensional Modeling of Laser–Plasma Confinement in a Strong Magnetic field 11.2 MB
A. Lees Toward Optimizing Cryogenic Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosions 4.2 MB
O. M. Mannion Experimental Analysis of nT Kinematic Edge Data on OMEGA 1.8 MB
J. A. Marozas NIF Polar-Drive High DT-Yield Exploder-Pusher Designs Modeled Using Pump Depletion in DRACO 9.3 MB
F. J. Marshall High-Resolution X-Ray Imaging with Fresnel Zone Plates on the University of Rochester's OMEGA and OMEGA EP Laser Systems 3.2 MB
A. V. Maximov Effect of multi-beam two-plasmon decay instability on cross-beam energy transfer in plasmas 6.8 MB
P. W. McKenty Evaluation of Ablator-Shell Contouring to Enhance the Performance of NIF Polar-Drive High Yield Source Experiments 3.6 MB
A. L. Milder Measurements of arbitrary electron distribution functions using angularly resolved Thomson scattering 5.7 MB
S. C. Miller A Study of Internal Perturbation Evolution in Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosions 4.6 MB
Z. L. Mohamed Observed Variations in Areal Densities as Measured by Detectors Along Multiple Lines of Sight 3.3 MB
K. L. Nguyen Simulation Study of Nonlinear Saturation of Cross-Beam Energy Transfer in TOP9 Experiments at the Omega Laser Facility 2.3 MB
P. M. Nilson Magnetic Reconnection in the High-Energy-Density Regime 17.5 MB
J. P. Palastro Dephasingless laser wakefield acceleration 10.8 MB
D. Patel Analysis and Reconstruction of Highest-Performing OMEGA DT Layered Implosion Shot 90288 6.8 MB
R. Paul Temperature-induced changes in hP4-Sodium Electride: An Ab Initio Study 7.5 MB
J. L. Peebles Measurements of Laser-Imprint-Induced Shock-Velocity Nonuniformities and Laser Imprint Mitigation 4.3 MB
D. N. Polsin X-ray Diffraction of Double-Shocked Diamond 14.9 MB
P. B. Radha Validating direct-drive implosion energetics based on OMEGA and NIF experiments 541 KB
D. W. Ramsey Vacuum acceleration in a flying focus 10.3 MB
S. P. Regan Hot-Spot Flow Velocity in Laser-Direct-Drive Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosions 7.2 MB
H. G. Rinderknecht Hot spot and fuel imaging using nuclear diagnostics on direct-drive cryogenic implosions at OMEGA 2.4 MB
M. J. Rosenberg Hot Electron Generation Mechanisms in Ignition-Scale Direct-Drive Coronal Plasmas on the NIF 21.3 MB
J. J. Ruby Analysis of Self-Emission from Spherical Shock Experiments 11.3 MB
A. K. Schwemmlein Using the Multi-Terawatt Laser at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics to Generate a High-Yield, 0.5-MeV Deuteron Beam 6.8 MB
A. B. Sefkow Introduction to TriForce: A multi-physics code for hybrid fluid-kinetic simulations 60.4 MB
R. C. Shah Influence of In-Flight Shape on Stagnation Performance in Direct-Drive Laser Implosion Experiments 4.2 MB
J. L. Shaw Microcoulomb-Class Self-Modulated Laser Wakefield Accelerator on OMEGA EP 13.6 MB
A. Shvydky Analysis of Shock-Release OMEGA EP Experiments 4.9 MB
T. Simpson Nonlinear Self-Focusing of Flying Focus Pulses 8.9 MB
A. A. Solodov Hot-Electron Preheat and Energy Deposition in Direct-Drive Implosion Experiments at the National Ignition Facility 3.2 MB
C. Stoeckl Evaluating the Effects of Imperfections in Laser Illumination on Direct-Drive Cryogenic DT Implosions on OMEGA 5.4 MB
W. Theobald Enhanced Laser Energy Coupling with Small-Spot Distributed Phase Plates (SG5-650) in OMEGA Cryogenic Implosions 6.1 MB
C. Thomas Review of BigFoot Implosion Data at NIF 1.3 MB
D. Turnbull Anomalous Absorption by the Two-Plasmon-Decay Instability in Directly Driven Inertial Confinement Fusion Experiments 5.3 MB
D. Turnbull Impact of non-Maxwellian electron distribution functions on crossed-beam energy transfer 16.7 MB
H. Wen Mitigation of Stimulated Raman Scattering with Laser Bandwidth and an External Magnetic Field 6.8 MB
J. Wilson Broadband Smoothing of Laser Pulses for Imprint Reduction in Direct-Drive Inertial Confinement Fusion 13.3 MB
K. M. Woo Inferring the Thermal Ion Temperature and Residual Kinetic Energy from Nuclear Measurements in Inertial Confinement Fusion 18.4 MB
S. Zhang Wide-Range EOS of C- and B- Materials From First Principles 10.9 MB