LLE Review 88

Review 88


LLE Review 88, covering July through September 2001, begins with an article that describes a simple, low-cost, wide-dynamic-range, neutron bang time (NBT) detector that is currently installed on LLE's OMEGA laser. It is able to measure the neutron bang time of DD- and DT-filled ICF implosion capsules at neutron yields between 107 and 1011 with an absolute timing accuracy of better than 100 ps.

Additional research reported in this volume:

  • The current substrate cleaning and handling methods used in the application of high reflectance optical coatings are so effective that it is necessary to test large parts in order to achieve statistically meaningful assessments. LLE's Optical Manufacturing group to used equipment designed by LLNL to test new coating designs test on full-sized NIF substrates.
  • Calculations show that the use of CH foam shells that are soaked with DT fuel offers improvements in implosion stability and higher neutron yield in comparison to more conventional DT only designs.
  • Concepts for the creation of ultrafast I/O interfaces suitable for applying digital superconducting electronics to produce ultrafast telecommunication routers are reviewed.
  • A parametric study of vapor deposition polymerization techniques for producing polyimide shells for inertial confinement fusion (ICF) targets is reported. The production rate, yield, and reproducibility of the process were optimized.
  • This volume concludes with a reports on LLE's Summer High School Research Program, The FY01 Laser Facility Report, and the National Laser Users' Facility News.

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