LLE Review 82

Review 82


This volume of the LLE Review, covering the period January-March 2000, includes a broad range of topics being studied at LLE. The feature article is a report on OMEGA cryogenic target designs for the soon-to-be-commissioned OMEGA Cryogenic Target Handling System. The authors show that these targets are energy scaled from the NIF ignition designs and have similar 1-D behavior and stability properties.

Additional research highlights reported in this issue are:

  • A numerical study of a novel laser-pulse modification for laser-imprint reduction in OMEGA cryogenic capsules.
  • A report on experimentally inferred fast-electron preheat in direct-drive targets due to laser irradiation.
  • A description of ongoing experimental and theoretical work relating to holographic grating design and fabrication.
  • A report on simulations of laser smoothing in the absence of smoothing by spectral dispersion (SSD).
  • A description of simulations of capsule implosions in tetrahedral hohlraum experiments carried out on OMEGA in a collaboration between LLE and Los Alamos.
  • An article on measurements of the nanohardness of magnetic and nonmagnetic particles used in the magnetorheological finishing (MRF) process.

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