LLE Review 81

Review 81


LLE Review 81 includes a broad range of topics that are currently being studied at LLE. The feature article examines the conditions under which direct-drive ignition capsules ignite. The authors identify inner-surface roughness of the DT-ice and laser nonuniformities as the principal seeds of instabilities that can potentially quench ignition and place constraints on these quantities by requiring a target gain of at least 10. Other articles in this issue include:

  • A report on the initial performance of the high-pressure deuterium- and tritium-filling portion of the OMEGA Cryogenic Target Handling System.
  • A numerical study on the principal sources of target nonuniformities for a cryogenic target when placed in a layering sphere.
  • A description of target detection and shroud pull-sequencing aspects of cryogenic operations on OMEGA.
  • An investigation of laser prepulse levels on OMEGA.
  • A report on the design of dyes for improved contrast in Liquid Crystal Point Diffraction Interferometers.

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