LLE Review 79

Review 79


The first two articles in LLE Review 79 address issues related to direct-drive cryogenic targets for OMEGA and the NIF. The first article describes an all-DT target design that is predicted to achieve ignition under the direct-drive irradiation conditions that will be available on the NIF. Using the NIF to carefully construct a two-shock compression is predicted to result in modest gain. The second article discusses cryogenic-target characterization for OMEGA implosion experiments. A novel optical technique is shown to resolve target perturbations at relevant levels of the uniformity expected on the inner ice surface of cryogenic DT targets. Additional articles in this issue cover the following:

  • A new concept of using an embedded titanium layer in spherical targets to determine the areal density of the compressed shell is introduced.
  • Techniques to characterize the laser-irradiation nonuniformity on OMEGA using time-integrated UV equivalent-target-plane imaging are presented.
  • Growth and imprinting characteristics of planar targets irradiated under the variety of laser beam-smoothing effects available on OMEGA are discussed.
  • Additional external applied stress is shown to increase optical damage thresholds for the initiation of cracks in fused silica and BK7 glasses.
  • Trapping high-energy (10-keV) electrons in a novel single-beam ponderomotive optical trap is shown to open the path to a myriad of future experiments that can use near-field phase control to create specifically tailored trapping conditions.

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