LLE Review 76

Review 76


LLE Review Volume 76 begins with reports on two new subsystems in the OMEGA laser facility: (1) a highly stable, diode-pumped Nd:YLF master oscillator and (2) a highly stable negative-feedback controlled regenerative amplifier. Another system development is the expansion of the pulse-shape bandwidth of OMEGA's driver line from approximately 3 GHz to over 5 GHz. Calculations of near-field intensity modulations in high-intensity laser beams due to self- and cross-phase modulation of OMEGA laser beams emerging from KDP polarization-smoothing wedges have shown that intensity modulations are not expected to be a significant source of intensity modulation. An x-ray radiographic system for measuring mass modulations in planar laser-driven targets has been characterized to measure perturbations imprinted on targets by laser nonuniformity. Observations of stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) have been at odds with theoretical predictions but now have a viable explanation in terms of calculated collisionless damping rates found to be much slower for plasma waves confined within small-radius filaments. The Summer High School Research Program Report, the Laser Facility Report, and the National Laser Users' Facility News conclude this volume.

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