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Review 158

    Inertial Confinement Fusion
  • Interpreting the Electron Temperature Inferred from X-Ray Continuum Emission for Direct-Drive Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosions on OMEGA
  • Fuel–Shell Interface Instability Growth Effects on the Performance of Room-Temperature Direct-Drive Implosions
  • Simulated Refraction-Enhanced X-Ray Radiography of Laser-Driven Shocks

  • Plasma and Ultrafast Physics
  • Laser–Plasma Interactions Enabled by Emerging Technologies
  • A Modified Technique for Laser-Driven Magnetic Reconnection
  • Mitigation of Self-Focusing in Thomson-Scattering Experiments
  • Thresholds of Absolute Instabilities Driven by a Broadband Laser
  • Complex Ray Tracing and Cross-Beam Energy Transfer for Laser-Plasma Simulations

  • High-Energy-Density Physics
  • New Thermodynamic Constraints on Internal, Thermal, and Magnetic States of Super-Earths
  • Exchange-Correlation Thermal Effects in Shocked Deuterium: Softening the Principal Hugoniot and Thermophysical Properties

  • Diagnostic Science and Detectors
  • Spatiotemporal Flat Field of the Gated Optical Imager Used on the 3ω Beamlets Diagnostic
  • Co-Timing UV and IR Laser Pulses on the OMEGA EP Laser System

  • Laser Technology and Development
  • Current Status of Chirped-Pulse–Amplification Technology and Its Applications
  • Measurements of Heat Flow from Surface Defects in Lithium Triborate
  • The Role of Urbach-Tail Optical Absorption on Subpicosecond Laser-Induced Damage Threshold at 1053 nm in Hafnia and Silica Monolayers

  • Materials Science
  • Measurement of the Angular Dependence of Spontaneous Raman Scattering in Anisotropic Crystalline Materials Using Spherical Samples: Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate as a Case Example

  • Target Engineering and Research
  • Comparison of Shadowgraphy and X-Ray Phase-Contrast Methods for Characterizing a DT Ice Layer in an Inertial Confinement Fusion Target
  • Prediction of Deuterium–Tritium Ice-Layer Uniformity in Direct-Drive Inertial Confinement Fusion Target Capsules

  • Education and Outreach
  • Developing a Curriculum for the Translation of Microscopy with Ultraviolet Surface Excitation (MUSE) into a High School Science Classroom

  • Laser Facility Report
  • FY19 Q2 Laser Facility Report

  • Publications and Conference Presentations
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