LLE Review

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Review 154

  • Analysis of Trends in Experimental Observables and Reconstruction of the Implosion Dynamics for Direct-Drive Cryogenic Targets on OMEGA
  • Ionization Waves of Arbitrary Velocity
  • The Single-Line-of-Sight, Time-Resolved X-Ray Imager Diagnostic on OMEGA
  • Supersonic Gas-Jet Characterization with Interferometry and Thomson Scattering on the OMEGA Laser System
  • Laser Entrance Window Transmission and Reflection Measurements for Preheating in Magnetized Liner Inertial Fusion
  • Implementation of a Wollaston Interferometry Diagnostic on OMEGA EP
  • Characterization of Shaped Bragg Crystal Assemblies for Narrowband X-Ray Imaging
  • Measurements of Bulk Fluid Motion in Direct-Drive Implosions
  • Publications and Conference Presentations
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