Integrated Modeling Group

Tim Collins

Tim Collins

Integrated Modeling Group Leader (acting)
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Ph.D., University of Rochester, 1997
M.A. University of Rochester, 1992
B.A. Physics, Oberlin College, 1990

Research Interests: High-gain and marginally igniting inertial confinement fusion (ICF) target design;
use of low-density foams in ICF; equations of state; hydrodynamic modeling in ICF

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Radha Bahukutumbi

Radha Bahukutumbi

Senior Scientist
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Ph.D Physics, California Institute of Technology, 1996
MSc. Physics, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, 1990
BSc. Physics, St. Xavier's College, University of Bombay, 1988

Research Interests: Modeling, design, and interpretation of direct-drive inertial confinement fusion experiments;
nuclear physics on terawatt- and petawatt-class lasers

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R. Stephen Craxton

R. Stephen Craxton

Senior Scientist
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Ph.D Physics, Imperial College London, 1976
B.A. Mathematics, Cambridge, UK, 1970

Research Interests: Computer modeling of laser–matter interactions and implosion physics, laser frequency conversion

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Reuben Epstein

Reuben Epstein

Senior Scientist
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Ph.D. Physics, Stanford University, 1976
M.S. Physics, Cornell University, 1973
B.S. Physics, California Institute of Technology, 1970

Research Interests: The simulation and interpretation of x-ray–based implosion diagnostics and the underlying radiation–transport theory, including the radiative properties of matter under nonequilibrium high-energy-density conditions

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John Marozas

John Marozas

Senior Scientist
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Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, University of Vermont, 1997
M.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Vermont, 1996
B.S. Electrical Engineering, Cornell, 1987

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Patrick McKenty

Patrick McKenty

Senior Scientist
E-mail Patrick McKenty

Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering, University of Arizona
M.S. Nuclear Engineering, University of Arizona
B.S. Applied Math, University of Michigan

Research Interests: Inertial confinement fusion compression and burn, computational hydrodynamics, numerical methods

Adam Sefkow

Adam Sefkow

Senior Scientist
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University of Rochester
E-mail Adam Sefkow

BA, MA, and Ph.D.

Research Interests: Computational design and interpretation of inertial confinement fusion
and high-energy-density–physics experiments

Kenneth Anderson

Kenneth Anderson

E-mail Kenneth Anderson

Ph.D. Physics, University of Rochester, 2006
M.A. Physics, University of Rochester, 2001
B.S. Physics, Brigham Young University, 1999

Research Interests: Capsule and pulse design for direct-drive inertial confinement fusion (ICF) experiments; code development for and simulations with multidimensional radiation–hydrodynamics software; hydrodynamic instabilities; laser-irradiation uniformity in ICF implosions; alternative ignition schemes; shock ignition

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Duc Cao

Duc Cao

E-mail Duc Cao

Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2014
B.S. Nuclear Engineering, Texas A&M University, 2010
B.S. Physics,Texas A&M University, 2010

Research Interests: Numerical modeling, nonlocal thermal transport, shock physics, magneto-radiation hydrodynamics

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John Shaw

John Shaw

E-mail John Shaw

Ph.D. Applied Physics, University of Manitoba
M.Sc. Numerical Analysis, University of Manitoba
B.Sc. Honors Physics, University of Manitoba

Research Interests: Computational physics, high-performance computing, laser–plasma interactions, particle in cell and smoothed particle hydrodynamic simulations

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Alex Shvydky

Alex Shvydky

E-mail Alex Shvydky

Ph.D. Physics, The University of Toledo
M.S. Physics, Kiev State University

Research Interests: Theory, experiment, and simulations of various physical phenomena in laser-driven targets for inertial confinement fusion (ICF); system science and engineering of ICF

Ka Ming (Jack) Woo

Ka Ming (Jack) Woo

Research Associate
E-mail Jack Woo

Ph.D. Physics, University of Rochester
M.A. Physics, University of Rochester
B.S. Physics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Research Interests: Computational fluid dynamics, hydrodynamic instabilities, theories and experiments in inertial confinement fusion

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Jonathan Carroll-Nellenback

Jonathan Carroll-Nellenback

Computational Scientist
E-mail Jonathan Carroll-Nellenback

Ph.D. Physics and Astronomy, University of Rochester
M. A. Physics, University of Rochester
B.A. Mathematics, Asbury College

Research Interests: Computational fluid dynamics, turbulence, star formation, exoplanets, astrobiology

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David Keller

David E. Keller

Lead Programmer
E-mail David Keller

B.A. Computer Science, State University of New York, Buffalo

Research Interests: Application of the latest high performance computer hardware and available software techniques
to optimize computational time of large-scale scientific simulations

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Sam Miller

Sam Miller

Ph.D. Student, Mechanical Engineering
E-mail Sam Miller

Advisors: Radha Bahukutumbi and Valeri Goncharov

M.S. Aerospace Engineering, University of Dayton, 2015
B.S. Aerospace Engineering, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, 2010

Research Interests: Inertial confinement fusion, hydrodynamic instabilities, high-performance computing, lattice Boltzmann methods

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