High-Energy-Density Physics Experiments Group

Ryan Rygg

Ryan Rygg

High-Energy-Density Physics Experiments Group Leader
(585) 275 1549, rygg@lle.rochester.edu

Ph.D. Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
M.S. Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
B.S. Physics, Stanford University

Research Interests: Experimental high-energy-density physics; shock waves; inertial confinement fusion

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Thomas Boehly

Thomas Boehly

Senior Scientist
(585) 275 0254, trb@lle.rochester.edu

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering (Plasma Physics), University of Rochester
M.S. Mechanical Engineering (Plasma Physics), University of Rochester
M.S. Electrical Engineering, State University New York, Buffalo

Research Interests: Using high-power lasers to study: materials at extreme conditions, high-energy-density physics, inertial confinement fusion, shock waves, Equations of state; x-ray and optical diagnosis of compressed matter, velocity interferometry, EXAFS

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Philip Nilson

Philip Nilson

Senior Scientist
(585) 275 9527, pnil@lle.rochester.edu

Ph.D. Physics, Imperial College London, UK
M.Phys. Physics, University of Warwick, UK

Research Interests: High-energy-density physics; intense radiation–matter interactions; plasma spectroscopy;
shock waves and high-temperature hydrodynamic phenomena; hydrodynamic instability growth; magnetic fields;
inertial confinement fusion

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Danae Polsin

Danae Polsin

(585) 273 2631, dpol@lle.rochester.edu

Ph.D. Physics, University of Rochester
M.A. Physics, University of Rochester
B.A. Physics, State University of New York Geneseo

Research Interests: High-energy-density physics; ramp compression; x-ray diffraction and crystallography; shock waves

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Mohamed Zaghoo

Mohamed Zaghoo

(585) 275 0259, mzag@lle.rochester.edu

Ph.D., Harvard University
M.A., Harvard University
B.S., University of University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Research Interests: Phase transitions and transport properties of warm dense systems, high-pressure hydrogen, and magnetic and thermal transport models of solar and extrasolar planets

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Stephen Burns

Stephen Burns

Professor Emeritus, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Professor Emeritus, Materials Science

(585) 275-4082

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