High-Energy-Density Physics (HEDP) Experiments Group

Group Leader


Thomas Boehly
Philip Nilson
Danae Polsin
Mohamed Zaghoo
Stephen Burns

University Team Leader

Prof. Gilbert "Rip" Collins
Director of IMAXED

Plasma and Ultrafast Physics Group

Graduate Students

David Bishel
Gerrit Bruhaug
D. Alex Chin
Linda Crandall
Mary Katherine Ginnane
Xuchen Gong
Brian Henderson
Maggie Huff
Heather Pantell
J.J. Ruby
Zaire Sprowal
Grigoriy Tabak

More Info

HEDP Experiments Group Charter

  1. Explore the behavior of matter at extreme conditions by developing innovative experimental techniques and measurement capabilities
  2. Test the next generation of physical models in cooperation with the new HEDP Theory group
  3. Coordinate the ongoing collaborative HEDP activities with our National Laboratory partners
  4. Provide a technical and collaborative interface with faculty in the new Institute for Matter At eXtreme Energy Density
  5. Expand the educational opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students interested in HEDP
  6. Develop international HEDP collaborations to broaden the capability and expertise base for the Laboratory