COM Summer School

August 2002

Breakthrough Technologies for the Commercial Manufacture of Complex Optics

The Center for Optics Manufacturing (COM) hosted their annual Summer School program, New Machines, Tools, and Processes for Modern Optics Manufacturing, during June 2002. This program provided an intensive overview of the emerging technologies that will shape optics manufacturing during this century. Designed for those who must decide how to gain a competitive manufacturing advantage, this course was organized into 20 talks and tutorials that described the new computer-aided machines and deterministic manufacturing processes that are redefining industry capabilities. New approaches and insights based on materials and manufacturing science were provided to improve classical optical fabrication and introduce new manufacturing concepts. This year 40 students from 22 different companies and institutions in the USA, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Australia, and Singapore attended COM's program.

Edward Fess (UR/COM) demonstrates contour grinding.

Maria Robinson (Zygo Corp.) discusses interferometry technology.

Michael Cumbo (JDS Uniphase) explains microhardness testing.

John Schoen (UR/COM) illustrates COM's deterministic microgrinding process.

Alex Maltsev (UR/LLE) demonstrates a traditional pitch lap.

Donald Gough (UR/COM) describes subsurface damage (SSD) testing.

Leslie Gregg (UR/COM) displays MR fluid additives.

Jessica DeGroote (UR/COM) discusses MRF of polymer optics.

Henry Romanofsky (UR/COM; QED) guides a student in placing an MRF "polishing spot" on a sample lens.

Sheryl Gracewski (UR/COM; ME) and Sha Tong (UR/COM; ME) demonstrate how to minimize tool marks during deterministic microgrinding.

New Machines, Tools, and Processes class of 2002

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