The Publications and Design Department at LLE

February 2009

Publications and Design Department

LLE's Publications
and Design Department

Preparing numerous conference presentations, operations manuals, monthly Department of Energy reports, and formatting all publications that are submitted from the Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE), the Publications and Design Department has earned the reputation of providing a high level of precision and an attention to detail, all with a quick turnaround. Made up of six professionals, the Department is the primary publication and design support unit at LLE, providing all print, design, publication, and website services. Individuals from around the Lab submit a variety of projects to the Department. A typical project involves the following procedure:

Working on the layout of the LLE Review

Working on the layout
of the LLE Review

  • Determining the audience and the specific objectives
  • Identifying the appropriate appearance
  • Proofing, formatting, and laying out text according to job specification
  • Creating custom illustrations or formatting existing graphics
  • Providing a production-ready manuscript or conference-ready presentation to the author

An internal review process consists of classification review, proofing, editing, formatting, and layout work. This process involves close collaboration with the department and the author until project completion.

Part of an ongoing process is the quarterly publication of the LLE Review, which began in 1979 to detail the activities and accomplishments of the Laboratory. Key activities presented in these issues include articles about conducting experiments to support the National Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF) program and research into high-energy-density physics, operating the OMEGA and OMEGA EP lasers, and developing advanced technologies. The LLE Review also highlights professional conference presentations, research opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students, and the operation of a summer high school research program, which is the only university-sponsored laser laboratory research program for high school students in the country. All of the 115 LLE Reviews to date have been made accessible to the general public here.

In addition to the compendium of the LLE Review, the following LLE publications are also accessible on the Laboratory's website:

Collaborating on a conference presentation

Collaborating on a
conference presentation

Evaluating the LLE website design

Evaluating the laboratory
website design

The Publications and Design Department provides consistent, accurate, and professional internal and external communications, which support the Laboratory's efforts to serve as a unique national resource for research and education in science and technology. The Department's services offer a public window for all those who are interested in learning about the pioneering efforts of LLE in the various (university, industry, and government) collaborations in the area of technology development. In particular, the publication and presentation materials supply specific information about LLE inventions and developments which are relevant to organizations willing to develop, manufacture, and market new products and concepts. These publications and presentations reflect LLE's intention to encourage the spirit of competition and provide a vital source of information detailing our technologically advanced environment.