Summer High School Program

February 2004

Each February, LLE invites area high school juniors to apply to our summer research program. Selected applicants are teamed with staff advisors and spend eight weeks working on individual research projects. These projects culminate in a symposium where the students present their research findings to family, teachers, and members of the Laboratory's scientific and technical staff. Fifteen students participated in 2003—this is the second year LLE has hosted a group this large.

The goal of LLE's Summer High School Research Program is to excite a group of high school students about careers in the areas of science and technology by exposing them to research in a state-of-the-art environment. Too often, students are exposed to "research" only through classroom laboratories, which have prescribed procedures and predictable results. In LLE's summer program, the students experience many of the trials, tribulations, and rewards of scientific research. By participating in research in a real environment, the students often become more excited about careers in science and technology. In addition, LLE gains from the contributions of the many highly talented students who are attracted to the program.

Three 2003 program participants have been selected as semifinalists in the Intel Science Talent Search—a competition often regarded as a "Junior Nobel Prize." Nadine Lippa, of Byron-Bergen High School, Rohan Kekre of McQuaid Jesuit High School, and Anthony Noto of Greece Athena High School are among the 300 students nationwide chosen as semifinalists from the record 1652 students who entered. Lippa's research used individual photons to transmit data, as opposed to a steady beam of light. Kekre sought a more efficient method for converting OMEGA’s laser beams from infrared to ultraviolet. Noto created a computer model to measure the chirality of molecules. In recognition of these scientific achievements, each student will receive $1000 and their high schools will receive $1000 to support their science and math programs.

We are proud of all our Summer High School Research Program participants, past and present. We look forward to continuing our mission of education by introducing young adults to scientific research.

Christine Beaty

Livonia Jr.-Sr. High School

"Controlling Scientific Instruments Using Java on Linux"

Anthony Noto

Greece Athena High School

"Development of Weighted Chiral Indices: Their Use in Modeling Nickel Dithiolene Systems"

Benjamin Schmitt

Greece Arcadia High School

"X-Ray Microscope Mirror Characterization"

George Dahl

Allendale Columbia School

"Pulse-shaping Effects in Optical Parametric Amplification"

Christopher Forbes

Eastridge Senior High School

"Energy and Angular Distributions of Secondary Electrons Under High Electric Field"

Cam Tran

Wilson Magnet High School

"Photochemically Induced Alignment of Liquid Crystals on a Polymer Surface"

Michael Wozniak

Greece Athena High School

"The Effects of Non-uniform Illumination on the Shape of Deuterium Ice Layers"

Kathryn Knowles

Churchville-Chili Senior High School

"Analysis of the Ablation Process in Rayleigh-Taylor Unstable Implosions"

Margot Epstein

Sodus Central High School

"Automated Laser-Beam Steering"

Nicole Toscano

Greece Arcadia High School

"Compressed Core Characterization of a Cryogenic D2 Target at Peak Neutrons Production"

Nathaniel Gindele

Brighton High School

"Deconvolution and Calibration of Diamond PCD Detectors"

Nadine Lippa

Bryon-Bergen High School

"Single-Molecule Fluorescence in Liquid Crystal Hosts"

Wen-Fai Fong

Pittsford Sutherland High School

"Non-LTE Effects on the Speed of Sound in Plasmas"

Ryan Blair

Canandaigua Academy

"Characterization of the OMEGA UV Spectrometer"

Rohan Kekre

McQuaid Jesuit High School

"Tuning Multiple Triplers Using the UV Spectrometer"

Michael Carges

Greece Athena High School

Recipient, 2003 William D. Ryan Inspirational Teacher Award

This award honors teachers who have inspired High School Program participants in the areas of science, mathematics, and technology. Honorees are nominated by current and past participants of the LLE Summer High School Research Program and receive a $1000 cash award. Mr. Carges was nominated by Siddhartha Ghosh and Joy Yuan.