Jeffrey A Squier
Colorado School of Mines

October 2019

Alumni Focus

Jeff Squier received his B.S. degree in Engineering Physics, and M.S. in Applied Physics from the Colorado School of Mines. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Rochester, Institute of Optics and his thesis work was carried out at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics and the University of Michigan. He is presently Professor of Physics at the Colorado School of Mines, and maintains an active research group in ultrafast optics mainly focusing on nonlinear microscopy and machining and manipulating materials with femtosecond laser pulses. He is a Fellow of the Optical Society of America.

In 2014, Squier was the recipient of the SPIE Harold E. Edgerton Award in recognition of his seminal contributions to femtosecond lasers and amplifiers, laser filamentation, ultrafast spectroscopy, femtosecond micromachining, ophthalmic procedures with ultrafast lasers, and high‐speed nonlinear optical microscopy. His scientific achievements include demonstrating the first Ti:sapphire‐based regenerative amplifier for high‐energy, ultrashort-pulse generation as part of thesis work supervised by Prof. Gerard Mourou. His work at the University of California, San Diego, featured the first demonstration of time‐resolved x‐ray diffraction using a femtosecond laser‐produced plasma source, and pioneering studies of multiphoton microscopy for bioimaging. Most recently, Squier made significant contributions to nonlinear optical imaging by introducing a method to simultaneously capture nonlinear optical images from multiple depths.