David Weiner

Optical Engineering Group Leader

David Weiner joined the Laboratory for Laser Energetics as a Research Engineer in 2000, reporting to the Laser Facility Manager. He served as sub-system engineer for the OMEGA EP Beamlines Group from 2003 to 2005. Since 2006 he has worked as an optical engineer within Omega Laser Facility Engineering where he provides lab-wide support to the OMEGA, OMEGA EP, and Multi-Terawatt Laser Systems. His contributions include optical design, analysis and tolerancing for laser and experimental diagnostics, optical drawing specification, and acting as a technical interface for optical component acquisitions. Prior to joining LLE he spent ten years as a lens designer at Melles Griot Optical Systems Division where he designed a wide variety of systems including laser scanners, PCB resistor trim lenses, CRT film recorders, projection lenses and a variety of lenses for commercial and industrial inspection. Prior to that, he worked at Eastman Kodak Federal Systems Division as an optical engineer on a laser-based communication satellite project. He received a B.A. in Physics from Franklin & Marshall College in 1984 and a M.S. in Optics from the Institute of Optics in 1986.