Terrance J. Kessler

LLE Diversity Manager
Senior Research Engineer

Terrance J. Kessler is the Diversity Manager and Senior Research Engineer at the University of Rochester's Laboratory for Laser Energetics. Terry is working with various offices for diversity and inclusion to increase workforce diversity of the technical and scientific staff at LLE. In 1985 he formed the Optics and Imaging Sciences Group to support nuclear fusion research, working on the design and testing of high-peak-power lasers; laser coherence control; focal-spot zooming; and the development of distributed phase plates, distributed polarization plates, holographic transmission gratings, and other novel optical devices. Early in his career, he coordinated the scientific and engineering staff to invent and implement a focal-spot smoothing strategy that produced the most uniform target irradiance from an ultraviolet solid-state laser and he served as chief scientist during the concept and design stages of the OMEGA 60 laser upgrade. Concurrently, he maintained teaching laboratories at Rochester Institute of Technology's Imaging Departments in which he had instructed and trained students in optics and holography for 20 years. Terry currently serves as Secretary of the International Committee on Ultrahigh-Intensity Lasers.